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Factors to consider when choosing a wash and fold delivery service

January 11, 2023

Wash and Fold delivery service has exploded in popularity in the past several years. A lot of people want to get rid of the mundane tasks in their lives so that they can focus on things that really matter to them. There are many Wash and fold companies out there and new ones springing up every day. Companies like Loopie Laundry and Bolt Laundry have been around for awhile and have very easy to use websites and great marketing. These types of companies do not actually own laundromats. They contract out the wash and fold to other laundromats or individuals. This can be effective if nothing goes wrong, but generally businesses that actually own washers and dryers will be able to provide better service than those that just 'broker' the service.

Of course I will put in a plug for our company, Scrubbs Laundry. We have 4 brick and mortar locations throughout metro Seattle and we provide delivery and wash and fold service in house.

Another consideration is of course price. Most companies will provide free delivery and pickup. We of course know that nothing is really free. The delivery is paid for by a higher wash and fold price and minimum size order.

At Scrubbs Laundry, we know that there is a real cost to delivery and pickup of wash and fold both monetarily and to the environment. We charge a flat fee for delivery and a low cost of 1.65 a pound for wash and fold service. This may appeal more to those that can have larger loads instead of smaller loads.

Hopefully these points will give you something to consider when choosing your wash and fold delivery service.


Laundry Joe


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