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Front Load Or Top Load Washer?

December 15, 2022

Top Load Or Front Laoder

Pros and Cons of a Front Load Washer


  • Generally more energy and water efficient. A high efficiency front load washer can use as little as 7 gallons of water as opposed to 19 gallons for a top load washer.
  • Front load washers clean better. The gravity and friction clean better than a top load washer with an agitator especially when loaded to capacity. The more clothes that are put in the washer, the more friction.
  • Clothes come out dryer in a front load washer which reduces drying times. Typically, frontload load washers extract water at a higher speed than top loaders which results in quicker drying times.


  • Difficult to add clothes after the cycle has started. Front load washers are equipped with a door lock that make it difficult to open once the cycle has started. 
  • Harder to add clothes to the washer as it is lower than a top loader. Some people may have a difficult time bending over when loading the washer.



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