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I travel a lot and stopped by oak tree laundromat recently and found new owners and the great job they're doing cleaning up the place and they have Attentive staff. I forgot my power-bank charger for my iPhone and their honest staff, a gracious young man, put it away for me with my name on it. I was SO afraid it would be missing when I came back! (Sigh of relief) Thank you Oak Tree for doing a stellar job and constantly seeking to improve your business!

Only a few times I used their services when my washing machine did not work. A man who works there guided me well since I always forget how I operate their machines. I love huge washing machine.

Amazingly great place to do your laundry. The owner super nice and helpful. Definitely recommend whenever you need a place to wash and dry your dirty clothes.

It's a simple, quiet laundromat. There is plenty of parking, simple to use machines, and the attendant is friendly. He saw me struggle putting a bill into the laundry machine and used a bucket of quarters to trade with me instead!

Last week Mar 2018 I stopped cuz I really needed to (no choice) and WAS PLEASANTLY surprised, new owner ship, great guy cleaning, attentive to everyone's needs, so helpful, the place had a cute makeover, it is clean, machines are well kept, counters are clean... small seating area to wait for Ur clothes... it was great and now my new GO TO laundromat.