Spas And Gyms

Commercial Laundry Services: Spas & Gyms

Our commercial laundry service specializes in handling tough stains and odors commonly found in spas, gyms, and health clubs. From hair dye and nail polish to chemicals and sweat, we ensure your laundry looks and smells great.

We prioritize quality by using premium scent-free and eco-friendly detergent. Our meticulous process includes thorough washing, drying, and folding of each towel. For added protection, we wrap them in plastic before pickup or delivery.

We recognize the significance of maintaining a steady supply of clean towels for your customers. Our flexible scheduling ensures your towels are consistently clean, ready, and in rotation.

Bring your laundry to our Northgate or Burien locations or try our free pickup and delivery service to experience our high-quality laundry solutions.

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